Bog oak talisman

Bog-woodalso known as abonos and mortaespecially amongst pipe smokers, [1] is a material from trees that have been buried in peat bogs and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions, sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The wood is usually stained brown by tannins dissolved in the acidic water. Bog-wood represents the early stages in the fossilisation of wood, with further stages ultimately forming jetlignite and coal over a period of many millions of years. Bog-wood may come from any tree species naturally growing near or in bogs, including oak Quercus — "bog oak"pine Pinusyew Taxusswamp cypress Taxodium and kauri Agathis. Bog-wood is often removed from fields and placed in clearance cairns.

It is a rare form of timber that is claimed to be "comparable to some of the world's most expensive tropical hardwoods".

bog oak talisman

Bog-wood is created from the trunks of trees that have lain in bogs, and bog-like conditions such as lakes, river bottoms and swamps, for centuries and even millennia. Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes the process of fossilization and morta formation. Water flow and depth play a special role in the creation of morta. Currents bind the minerals and iron in the water with tannins in the wood, naturally staining the wood in the process.

This centuries-long process, often termed "maturation," turns the wood from golden-brown to completely black, while increasing its hardness to such a level that it can only be carved with the use of specialty cutting tools. While the time necessary for the oak to transform into abonos varies, the "maturation" commonly lasts thousands of years.

Due to the ecological reasons mentioned above, no two trunks can be found of the same color. Sites of high quality bog-wood in the world are very rare. In the sites expected to yield it, morta is hard to find, and access to the river bank and its bed is often difficult.

Therefore, extensive preparations and the engagement of professional divers are necessary for morta recovery. Morta is located in conditions of total darkness, and its extraction marks its first exposure to light after centuries of entombment. In Croatia, bog-wood is typically found in the valley of the Sava River and its tributaries.

The age of morta found in Croatian rivers ranges from several hundred years in the southern rivers to the oldest retrieved so far, from the Krapina Riverdated at years old. In Serbia, bog-wood over 8, years old is found in the valleys of the Danube RiverSava River and their tributaries, primarily in the province of Vojvodina. Saving the wood for further processing is a very delicate matter. Extracted logs must be wrapped in waterproof material and meticulously dried to prevent warping.

The process of wood desiccation is complex, and despite great care, most of the raw wood is unsuitable for further processing. For this reason, the price of high quality raw abonos is quite high. Bog-wood is characterized by natural staining and variations in color, and the direction of growth rings. Well preserved bog-wood is not affected by weather conditions or organisms which would change its strength and appearance.

Semi-dry bog-wood is sometimes of a golden or copper color, [5] or with a tint of some other hue, and is exceptionally hard. This dark hue is a special feature of abonos as a construction material, whether it is used for the making of semi-manufactured goods, veneer or planks.

Because bog-wood can remain free of decay for thousands of years it is of use in dendrochronologyoften providing records much older than living trees. Wooden artefacts lost or buried in bogs become preserved as bog-wood, and are important in archaeology. Bog-wood may be used in joinery to make furniture or wood carving. Bog-wood sometimes has aesthetically interesting shapes similar to driftwood and may be use as ornaments.

As bog-wood dries out, it may crack or split, but this does not necessarily detract from its aesthetic qualities. Bog-wood is used in aquaria for ornaments, providing hiding places for fish and a growing surface for plants such as Java fern. Additionally, the leaching of organic compounds such as tannins into the water causes a brown coloration.Well, the story of the Dibbuk Box is one of a kind. While the interview with Jason Haxton, owner of the Dibbuk Box, the room got the oddest feeling ever.

This dibbuk box is no joke; u can feel its energy. As the interview was going on, I was asked if I wanted to touch the dibbuk box.

bog oak talisman

Something inside me said it was ok, and after a moment of thinking, I went for it. I put both of my hands on top of the box and immediately felt its energy. I zoned out and could feel this energy slowly go up both my arms. It felt numb and warm. It was like I was standing a block from the box even though I was only a foot away. There were never any bad feelings of danger.

It was like we were both feeling each other out. After a bit of time, I snapped out of it and let it go. I would say I was touching it for about a minute, but I never felt threatened or anything like that at the time. Then the man who had owned the box years ago came in. The vibe changed right away. There was a nervous feeling in the room.

bog oak talisman

Having no idea what he would do, I listened to the frightening story of what happened when his mom opened the box.

I started wondering if I would be ok. As we let him go down stairs to have time with the box, we found out that he was doing something odd. I feel that he let the spirit out of the box. As were all listening to him in shock, I felt some sort of energy hold onto my leg like it was someone scared.

I touched the box in a nice and calm energy kind of way. So is the spirit of the box now holding me?Never in my mind could I think of what happened to me, could happen. I was stoked when I found out we were going to Ireland. All of the history and legends that happened there makes it a very different place. It was so awesome to crawl under the earth! I was uneasy at first but I then realized that I needed to go there. But during that moment I knew this was going to be the lockdown of my life, and it was.

After leaving the hole of Halloween, as I like to call it, we got back to our hotel, which was a real castle. It was wicked creepy with the forest as its back yard. I was outside one night when I heard a woman scream from the woods. About twenty minutes later a cop drove up to the hotel, which is in the middle of nowhere. I went up to him to see if what I heard was the reason he was there. He had heard no reports of anything suspicious, but went to check it out. It was so late at night that I went to my room and passed out.

The next morning the cop told the hotel that nothing had happened and that it was all good. Later on the trip I learned that what I heard was the banshee. I learned about this at the next location…. The Hellfire Club. Years ago we investigated the Hellfire Cave where I participated in a ritual performed by Lady Snake to bring out the vibe of the cave.

Ever since the ritual of the Hellfire Cave, I have felt different, but in a good way. Then we hunted the Hellfire Club and I have never felt so much at home. As we reached the top of the mountain I sensed more and more a feeling of being comfortable. I had no idea that as soon as I walked into the building made of tombstones robbed from the ground, I would have flashes of what it used to look like. I could see the parties and the rituals going on.

spiral coffee table made of bog oak and epoxy resin- river table

Lockdown night. As I walked to the Hellfire Club I started to think this could be my last day. That thought kept going through my mind on the drive up the hill. When I first walked around the Hellfire Club and had my moments of familiarity, my talisman started to burn my chest. I thought that maybe I bumped into something at first, but I knew exactly what was happening after feeling the pain. What really started to kick in was the fact that my talisman is from the boke wood found in Ireland.

It almost felt like the wood around my neck was activating or coming alive! I am nervous, but excited to find out what went down tonight in the lockdown! I mean, just an interview and nothing else! Well after some time and getting home and through a few dreams, I think I did. That moment when my ear was grabbed, a thousand thoughts flashed through my mind. After like five seconds I got back to myself and ran out. As I stood there, all these emotions ran through me and I started to cry.

But after about ten minutes of getting myself together again, all I could feel was that deep down, I knew that the devil had touched me. Knowing that made my heart drop. Sitting there on the hill where the devil once stood, and knowing my history with the hellfire group, I knew that there was a reason for what had just happened to me.Exotic and elegant woods are a staple material used in fine antiques. Brazilian rosewoodCuban mahoganyand English walnut, among others, all figure prominently in antique furniture and objets d'art.

Fine woods can substantially enhance the desirability of an investment grade antique. So I was delighted when I stumbled across bog oak during my research, the rarest wood in the world. Bog oak is a catchall name for partially fossilized wood. Although most of this wood, as its name implies, originates from oak trees, partially fossilized yew or pine wood is also considered bog oak.

The origins of this ancient timber are a mysterious, wonderful thing. Thousands of years ago, swamps, fens and bogs were often surrounded by huge, primeval forests full of massive oak trees.

Due to storms, floods or other natural events, these trees would sometimes fall into these adjacent wetlands. Oak trees are rich in chemical compounds called tannins or tannic acid. Tannins are yellowish to brownish in color, astringent, and acidic in nature.

Tannins are renowned for their powers of preservation. In effect, tannins have the ability to mummify organic matter when present in high concentrations. Wetlands containing large numbers of dead oak trees naturally become saturated with tannins over time. This is the reason the mummified remains of ancient European bog bodies like Tollund Man are discovered thousands of years later in excellent condition. In fact, tannins were originally used by ingenious ancient people to tan animal hides.

Words like tannins, tanning and oak tree tanna in Old High German have shared etymological origins, underscoring their close association over the centuries. Any tree that fell into a bog and sank quickly had a tendency to be preserved in the tannin-rich waters.

However, some types of wood were preserved better than others. Oak is already an incredibly tough and rot resistant wood. And, because it naturally contains a large amount of tannins, oak gets a double-shot of tannins from the bog water. These circumstances are ideal for preserving wood, eventually turning it into bog oak. Over thousands of years, wetlands gradually fill in with organic matter.

This process chokes off any oxygen from the submerged tree trunks, thus limiting bacterial activity. During this extended period without rot, iron and other minerals leach out of the surrounding soil and into the bog water.

They then bind with the tannin saturated wood and displace some of its organic material. As a result, bog oak gradually darkens over the millennia, slowly turning from a light, golden brown wood into a lustrous, almost ebony-black color. This color change is just a guideline however.

Bog Oak – The Rarest Wood in the World

The tree species and local bog conditions can all significantly impact the final color of a piece of bog oak. In addition to taking on a dramatically deeper color, bog oak also becomes extremely dense. This is driven by the wood's partial mineralization, which also renders it almost rock-hard. While bog oak's physical properties vary considerably from specimen to specimen, it is generally very tough on cutting blades due to its excessive hardness.

But the most famous deposits are the peat bogs of Ireland and the fens of East Anglia, in the southeast of England.People ask me all the time if I have something I wear to protect my self. No, but Yes. In all the years I have been hunting spirits I have changed so much. At first I would just hold my breath and hunted away in fear, then I received as a gift, a 5, year old bog oak wood talisman from Ireland. I never even knew what a talisman meant. I liked it a lot though and put it on.

After wearing it for a few hours my chest started hurting where the talisman laid. I took it off and thought it was a bad thing since it hurt my chest and threw it out the van window.

I then realized it was something special but it still freaked me out. It now is always on me everyday for a very good reason. But first, let me tell you about what the talisman is all about. The talisman I wear around my neck is made of bog oak from the forests of Ireland.

Hand carved and blessed by an Irish Arch Druid that has wise knowledge about creating these magical tools. The wood is naturally black and the trees were living thousands of years ago, when the myths and legends from Ireland were being formed.

These talisman are carved and brought to what they say is the most sacred and magical place in all the land of Ireland, Tara Hill, and then blessed and charged by Adge. In Irish mythology it is said to be the sacred place of the gods and a doorway to other worlds. Tara Hill they say is truly one of the sacred places on earth and is the center of an enormous energy vortex. It was taking away the negative and helping me. I thought it was hurting me.

bog oak talisman

So I kept it to take home. When I got home I never took it out of my bag and forgot about it for a few days. When I did look for it, it was gone. I figured it fell out on the plane. I felt bad cause it was a very special object I had. A month goes by and I always think about how my chest hurt from the talisman, I thought about it often.

Here is when it all changed and we reunited again, on a lockdown in a place I was really worried about and scared. I was at Essex Insane Asylum and we just get locked in.

The Bog Oak Talisman I Wear

As I open the camera case to get the gear ready for the hunt, I notice my talisman is wrapped up in the camera I use. From that point the gear stays in my room until I take it to the car and headed to location. So I know the gear never left my site.

I have no idea how it got there and why, but I put it on and vow to never let it leave me again.Share it! The ancient wood is from Somerset, considered by many to be the site of the fabled Isle of Avalon. This rare and beautiful wood is a deep, warm chestnut in colour and feels full of positive energies.

Please email if you'd like a quote for combined postage. Avalonian Goddess bead This beautiful bead is crafted from Avalonian bog oak and is carved with a Goddess. Please note: The main and bottom left pictures show the bead for sale and the bottom right picture shows an example of a wristband with a different bead. Pendant size: 3. It is inscribed with a "Tree of Life" and is supplied with a leather or cord thong. It is carved with a spiral, an ancient symbol of life.

It is supplied with a cord or leather thong. This pendant is supplied with a cord or leather thong. It is supplied with a leather or cord thong. Pendant size: 4.

The harpoon is hand crafted from Avalonian bog oak and it is supplied with a leather or cord thong. Pendant size: It is carved with a pentagram and is supplied with a leather or cord thong. Pendant size: 6. Pendant size: 5. Ceridwen, the Celtic moon and fertility Goddess was associated with wolves and there are many myths and legends about the wolf being a close companion of humans and tales of nurture. Conversely, the wolf's ferocity is also well told, reminding us of their power.

The wolf has associations with the moon, wisdom and in Celtic lore, also with winter from Samhain to Imbolc. It is approximately 3, years old, is a beautifully rich colour and feels full of positive energies. Please click here! Click here for further info.

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A valonian Wares Spirit of Old are pleased to offer a range of items which are hand-crafted from Avalonian bog oak.To the Celts the tree stands as a link between the worlds of mortals and the underworld. The branches and the trunk visible in the world of man; the underparts tapping into the hidden mysteries of the after life. Celtic tribes in Ireland had sacred groves of trees called nemetonwhere they worshiped and offered sacrifice.

The lone tree standing in the field was considered sacred. As the animals had not eaten it as a sapling, it was believed to be protected by the fairy folk. These trees were considered wishing trees. A ritual formed around these trees, where people would focus on what they desired, while typing a rag onto the tree, making sun wise circles and chanting prayers.

Indeed these wishing trees are still to be seen in parts of rural Ireland today. They are held in great esteem by the local people, as, it is thought that any harm done to them will surely end in misfortune. The basic elements of bog oak and copper capture the subtle tones of mysticism and natural grace. Celtic Tree 1. Celtic Tree 2. Celtic Tree 3. Celtic Tree 4. Celtic Tree 5. Celtic Tree 6. Celtic Tree 7. Celtic Tree 8. Celtic Tree 9.

Celtic Tree 10 front. Celtic Tree 10 back.

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